Where can I get support?

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Where can I get support?


Myth No. 1

Expressing milk is difficult and slow isn’t it?

Expressing milk is a useful skill if you want time away from your baby. You don't have to use a pump: hand expressing is gentle & natural.


Myth No. 3

Breastfeeding makes your boobs saggy.

The hormones produced by your body when you're pregnant cause changes in breast tissue whether you breast feed or not.

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Myth No. 6

I couldn't breastfeed in public, it's indecent!

Breastfeeding is natural and right for your baby. Society's perceptions are changing and in Scotland you should never feel uncomfortable feeding your baby.

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Mum's Stories

"I think my confidence has come from attending a breastfeeding group"

Mum's stories

The Benefits

Benefit 5

Breastfeeding naturally uses up to 500 calories a day.

Benefit 4

Breastmilk is a living fluid providing perfect nutrition.

Benefit 2

Antibodies in breastmilk help babies to fight infections, allergies & diabetes.

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Out & About

Getting out and about with your baby is nothing to be afraid of. Useful advice if you're worried about breastfeeding in front of family, in public or returning to work.

Getting around


Having problems breastfeeding? Try our troubleshooter for problem solving advice on common issues.