How do I breastfeed?


Myth No. 1

Expressing milk is difficult and slow isn’t it?

Expressing milk is a useful skill if you want time away from your baby. You don't have to use a pump: hand expressing is natural, gentle and can be done anywhere.

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Myth No. 2

Breastfeeding ties you down.

Breastfeeding means no carrying around bottles and equipment plus it's easy to be discreet so no need to feel tied to the house.

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Myth No. 3

Breastfeeding makes your boobs saggy.

The hormones produced by your body when you are pregnant cause changes in breast tissue whether you breast feed or not. It's being pregnant which changes your breasts, not breast feeding.

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Myth No. 4

There's no difference between breast or bottle fed babies.

Breastfed babies are fitter, have higher immunity levels, and are less likely to be ill. They are less likely to be obese, have asthma or diabetes and may also be smarter!

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Myth No. 5

Changing nappies is the same for breast or bottle fed babies.

Bottle fed babies have smellier nappies and produce more waste because they can't digest formula milk as well. Breast fed babies produce less waste.

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Myth No. 6

I couldn't breastfeed in public, it's indecent!

Breastfeeding is natural and right for your baby. Society's perceptions are changing and in Scotland you should never feel uncomfortable feeding your baby, wherever you are. You have a legal right to do so, which says something about how important it is!

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Myth No. 7

You're just a milk making machine.

The first few weeks can feel a bit like this but your baby's needs will become more manageable. You develop a strong emotional bond and lay foundations for life long health for your baby.

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Myth No. 8

Bottle fed babies sleep better.

Bottle fed babies may sleep for longer at first but the sleep is not better quality as formula milk is harder to digest, stays in the system for longer and begins to ferment. After 4 weeks breast fed babies sleep for the same amount of time as bottle fed babies.

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Myth No. 9

Formula milk is just as good as breast milk nowadays.

Not true, breast milk has antibodies, enzymes and is a living food which changes day to day. Formula has higher levels of metals like lead and aluminium plus protein and fats are fundamentally different and not as easy for your baby to digest.

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Myth No. 10

You can't tell if your baby is getting enough food.

You can tell if your baby is getting enough food by the way she feeds with a deep rhythmical sucking pattern and by the number of nappy changes per day (should be about 6). Nappies should be yellow after the first few days and soft. Your baby should be content between feeds.

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Myth No. 11

Bottle fed babies gain weight more quickly.

It's true bottle fed babies are fatter but it's not healthy weight gain. Breast fed babies regulate their own feeding and digest breast milk better.

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